Box Culverts

Offering the longevity of concrete with both a higher volume and flow rate than galvanized culvert, ByCrete Precast Box Culverts are an appealing alternative. These culverts can function in many capacities, including bridges, pedestrian tunnels, utility tunnels and stream crossings, and can be fully customized to your specific job requirements. Box Culverts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your construction project. ByCrete offers Box Culverts from 2'-0" x 2'-0" on up. We also construct precast end sections, wing walls, and toe walls for single, double or triple cell precast box culvert units. While we do not make round, elliptical, or arch culvert style structures, we are able to offer square or rectangular substitutes to meet the required flow capacity. ByCrete can work with you to design and manufacture concrete detention/retention systems that meet your storm water management challenges. With a system that performs for generations to come, our products can be precast with bulkheads or weir walls that meet your exact specifications.