Inlet Tops

All of our tops are based upon Penn Dot specifications and have been approved. We produce “standard size” inlet tops which are commonly referred to as 2x4 inlet tops however they measure 24” x 45-1/4”. We have type “C” curbed tops with 6”, 8”, & 10” reveal curb and are 10” thick at the base , we make type “M” tops which are flat on top and measure 8” thick as a standard. Commercial tops can be made 2” lower for low profile situations. Metal frames are produced in 8” & 3” heights to be used on the inlets in lieu of the concrete tops and are used in low profile situations also. We produce type “S” , “SLANT” tops, and “ROLLED” tops, which are less commonly specified on jobs. We also carry 2x2 ID box tops in the type “M” style. 2x6 ID box tops are produced in 8” reveal Type ‘C’ tops and the type “M” tops. All concrete products including out concrete tops are produced with SCC concrete. We produce all of the same tops for PENN DOT certified projects. The Penn Dot certified structural tops vary in design as set forth in the current RC-45/46 standards